Technical Indicators are reference lines found on technical charts. Indicators that are in the same scale as prices are usually plotted on top of the price bars and are referred to as Overlays.

This section provides overview of many kinds of technical indicators and overlays that inteliCharts offers


Accumulation/Distribution Line - Price and volume based indicator
Accumulation/Distribution Oscillator - Momentum for Accumulation/Distribution Line
Absolute Price Oscillator - Derived EMA indicator
Aroon - Beginning of a new trend indicator
Average Directional Index - Direction and strength of the trend
Average Directional Index Rating - Averaged ADX
Average True Range - Volatility measure
Balance of Power - Strength measure
Chande Momentum Oscillator - Modified RSI
Commodity Channel Index - Trend signal indicator
Directional Movement Index - Momentum indicator
Force Index - Strength of price change
Fractal Dimension - Volatility or trend measure
Hilbert Transform - Signal indicators
MACD - Momentum oscillator for EMA difference
Momentum - Measure of rate of price change
Money Flow Index - Volume-weighted strength measure
Normalized Average True Range - Volatility measure
Normalized Volatility Indicator - Volatility measure
On Balance Volume - Cumulative total of the up and down volume
Percentage Price Oscillator - Momentum of percentage EMA difference
Price Zone Oscillator - Price zones based indicator
Rate of Change - Rate of price change
Relative Strength Index - Trend direction strength
RSI Inverse Fisher Transform - Entry and exit signals
Spearman Indicator - Zone based entry and exit signals
Stochastic Oscillator - Closing price to price range indicator
TRIX - Smoothed moving average
Ultimate Oscillator - Combined short, mid, and long term moving averages into one
Volume Zone Oscillator - Zone based trand signals
Williams %R - Zone based overbought, oversold signals


Bollinger Bands - Volatility indicator
Double Exponential Moving Average - Smoothed exponential moving average
Exponential Moving Average - Averaged price values over time
Hull Moving Average - Smoothed moving average
Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average - Moving average adjusted for volatility
Linear Regression - Trend over specific time period
Paraboloic SAR - Exit signals
Simple Moving Average - Moving average
T3 moving Average - Smoothed moving average
Time Series Forcast - Trend over specific time period
Triangular Moving Average - Triangular pattern weighted moving average
Triple Exponential Moving Average - Combination of a single, double and a triple exponential moving averages
Weighted Close - Smoothed moving average
Weighted Moving Average - Smoothed moving average
ZigZag - Trend signals
inteliCharts Predictive Analytics - Calculating Most Probable Future Stock Prices
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  • Quantitative processing
  • Long term forecasting
  • Intraday probability channels